"I will always meet you and your pets in advance and take complete information and a full history, in order to follow your routine to the letter."

"If you are gone overnight, I can bring in your mail and newspaper, water your plants, adjust your blinds, and even take out your trash - whatever you need me to do.”

               - Dana Dudley


  • Pet sitting business with over two decades of experience in pet care with all types of pets, including those with special needs
  • Serving Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding communities
  • Pay by the visit, reasonable rates
  • Fully bonded and insured
  • Monitor your pet's intake, output, behavior, and activity
  • Two pets priced the same as one
  • Overnight stays available
  • Available for playtimes, midday walks, trips to the park, the groomer, the veterinarian or for any other reason!
  • Call 608-770-4126 or email Dana@doggonecitykitty.com for prices and availability


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